Saturday 121208

Come one come all to the last Weekend Warriors of the year. Even though it’s a very sad occasion we will of course have a ton of fun. Team/group workout being planned as you read this.


See you there!!

One thought on “Saturday 121208

    The Contestants:
    Curtis, Wilson, Brian E, Brian G, Ana, Blakley

    The Events:
    1- man makers 20#db – 2.5 minutes for reps – BRIAN E
    2- hang (chin up grip) – for time BRIAN E
    3- handstand walk – for distance BRIAN E + BLAKE
    4- tuck hold – for time BLAKE
    5- wheel barrow – for distance CURT
    6- tire jumps – 50 reps for time BLAKE
    7- jumping jacks holding breath – for reps BRIAN E
    8- 7 min of cindy – amrap BLAKE
    Tie Breakers:
    toes2bar – 1 min max reps
    20#db situps – 2 min max reps

    The Results:
    After 8 events, Brian E and Blake were tied up with 4 points each. A neutral party decreed tie breaker 1 to be a minute of toes2bar (with only 30 seconds of rest after the Cindy AMRAP). After tie breaker 1, the score was tied again at 16 reps each. They were given 1 minute of rest and then straight into tie breaker 2, 2 minutes of max weighted situps. In the end Blake took home the victory with a score of 54 to 38 db situp reps. All in all the WW Winter Games 2012 proved to be challenging but fun. It was a good day for everyone: Curt did more burpees than he has since the Open last year. Ana showed some real strength in both the tuck hold and tire jump events. Brian E started off dominating the Games and didn’t back down even through the jumping jacks event where you weren’t allowed to breathe! Brian G, who couldn’t compete due to a cold, stepped up and assisted in the wheel barrow event. Sadly, Wilson Cauley won no events.

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