The Mobility WOD is a great, free resource propagated by CrossFit HQ’s movement and mobility subject matter expert, Kelly Starrett. If you don’t know much about mobility then you should get there and poke around. Most of the stuff we will prescribe for mobility comes direct from KStar, so this is yet another opportunity for you to self-educate.

BEFORE you attack “stretching” movements always spend some time doing soft-tissue work using the foam roller, lacrosse balls, etc. This will often fix your problem if you are simply stiff from working out so damn hard/sitting at a desk all day.

We have descriptions of certain useful mobility pieces below, you can read ours and try to decipher what we are saying or you can simply watch KStar ramble about it.


Arm Swings

- Swing each arm forward then backward 10 times each way

Bully Stretch

Useful for Ring Dip, Muscle Up, Clean & Snatch pulls. Works your Rotator cuff, scapula and shoulder
- with your hand behind you grab door jam or rack
- drop into internal rotation
- stretches shoulder/neck
- 2 min each side

* 3:00 minute mark

Shoulder internal rotation

- attach a band to a pullup bar
- insert your arm into the band and place it around the shoulder
- grab your hands behind your back
- lean forward into the band
- hold stretch

Flexion/External Rotation

Useful for Snatch
- attach a band to a pullup bar
- place the end of the band around your wrist
- put tension on the band by falling into a lunge
- externally rotate your arm

Front Rack position

Useful for front squat, goblet squat, press, jerk

Stretch #1

- while standing, place your arm in the band between your armpit and shoulder
- reach up and grab the band with your hand
- Lean into the resistance until your forearm faces the ceiling
- hold 2 min each side

Stretch #2

- attach the band to a rack about waist height
- grab the band and face away from the rack
- assume the front rack position, and lean into the resistance from the band
- hold 2 min each side

Overhead Positions

Stretch #1

Useful for Jerk
- attach a band to a pullup bar
- place the end of the band around your wrist
- put tension on the band by falling into a lunge
- rotate your arm inward, palm facing IN
- hold 2 min each side

Stretch #2

- stand with your back against a pole of a squat rack or something you can grab onto
- reach behind your head grabbing the pole behind you above your head
- hold onto your elbow with the other hand, pull your elbow in toward your head while pushing against the pull with your own resistance
- place a band around another pole and attach the other side to your arm around your shoulder
- the band should be pulling your arm away from your body – you should have to fight to hold your arm in place
- hold stretch

Pulling Position

Behind the back Bully position

- standing with your back to a bar, grab the bar behind you waist height
- take a step away from the bar creating a stretch through your shoulder and arm
- hold 2 min each side

Thoracic spine

- grab a lacrosse ball and place it on the ground
- lay on your back, placing the ball one side of the thoracic spine
- grab a dumb bell or bar bell or something to anchor with and roll back and forth over the ball


To mobilize your wrists before any kind of handstand, dip, lever or front rack work, perform the following wrist movements:
- From a kneeling position, place your palms on the ground with your hands facing away from you. With straight arms rock back and forth for about 30 seconds stretching the front and back of your wrists.
- Turn your hands in facing each other and rock side to side for about 30 seconds.
- Turn your hands out facing away from each other and rock side to side for about 30 seconds.
- Turn your hand inward until your fingertips are facing your knees and rock forward and backwards for about 30 seconds.
- Flip your hands upside down putting pressure on the backs of your hands (don’t apply as much pressure as the previous stretches). Hold his position for about 30 seconds.


Olympic Squat Stretch

- lay on the ground in front of a wall, your butt should be facing the wall almost, if not, touching
- keeping your back flat, place your feet on the wall with bent knees (try to get your shins vertical)
- spread your feet wider than your hips
- the farther you pull your knees apart, the more your hips will stretch

Sling Shot Squat Stretch

- attached a band about knee height
- step into the band with both feet and pull the band around your butt
- fall into a deep squat (butt to ankle) keeping knees spread apart
- optional: add weight for a harder stretch
- hold 4 minutes

Hips Option 3

- anchor a band about 2 feet off the ground
- pull the band around the upper thigh
- put tension on the band by kneeling into the band facing forward
- hold stretch
- turn body to the side, banded leg IN
- put tension on the band
- hold stretch

Hips/External Rotation

Deadlift prep


The Paleo Chair

- keep your weight in your heels
- your bottom should be below parallel BUT don’t crash to the very bottom of a squat with no tension
- hold 2 minutes


Stretch 1: Hips (aka… The Jerahme)

- prop your foot up on a tall box
- drop into a lunge stretch
- make sure you are over the hip
- Internally rotate your “floor leg”, pressing hips forward
- hold 1-2 minutes each leg

Stretch 2: More hips

- grab a foam roller
- laying on your side, place the roller on your hip
- bottom leg should be behind your, forward leg in front
- roll around, digging into the hip

Stretch 3: Even more hip

- grab a lacrosse ball
- lean into a wall placing the ball on your hips
- press into the ball, raising and lowering your leg

Stretch 4: Low back

- grap a lacrosse ball
- lay on the floor with legs propped up on a bench
- place ball on low back
- roll around on the from spine outward

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