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Curt Warren

Curt has been involved in athletics since an early age. He spent his childhood in team sports, but as an early teen was chronically ill, leading to weight gain with an accompanying lack of confidence. After 4 years of deterioration and being a lame duck, he walked on to his high school football team. Training for football is what he credits with digging him out of a very deep hole, in every aspect of life. This 180-degree turn in outlook and life trajectory has driven him to obsession with fitness and training as a means of improving quality of life. It is this passion that he wishes to share with everyone, including those new to training and those deeply invested in athletic development.

In 2008, his cousin pointed him towards CrossFit. CrossFit’s focus on maximal effort and functional strength was an immediate fit, and Curt devoted himself wholeheartedly. Since then, he as participated in numerous local CrossFit competitions both as an athlete and judge. After getting his level 1 CrossFit certification in August 2010 it has become obvious to Curt that his trial-and-error approach to training has given him a unique perspective on teaching others how to move and train.

As a graduate student in biochemistry and cell biology at Rice U, Curt has a fairly full plate. Those devoted to serious training and self-improvement will find him a dedicated coach.

Blakley Bonds

I got my start in competitive sports at a young age. I grew up in Louisiana going to the ‘bayou’ every weekend with my family. What started out as a bunch of families hanging out and waterskiing together became a full time job for me and my family every summer for about 10 years. From the age of 8 to about 18, I kneeboarded competitively. There were no family vacations… only practicing or traveling to tournaments every weekend. My family rocked for supporting me in this and sacrificing so much of their time and I don’t think any of us would trade one second of it. Kneeboarding holds some of my best memories and is definitely what lit the competitive fire in me. During this time I was also on my elementary schools Jump Rope team, then the Swim Team, Water Polo team and recreational Soccer team in High School but nothing compared to Kneeboarding. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit in late 2009 that that competitive fire began to spark in me again.

Just looking for a place to work out I stumbled upon CrossFit Middle Tennessee in Franklin, TN. I think my second or third WOD was 150 burpees for time. I don’t even remember how long it took me but I do remember having a serious case of what I refer to as ‘burpee cough’ for the next 2 days. Needless to say I did not want to go back… but I’m so glad I did! The WODs became less and less frightening and my times got better and better. For about a year I did CrossFit primarily as a way to stay ‘fit’ (and eat more frozen yogurt!) but it wasn’t until moving back to Texas in late 2010 and getting involved with the few people at Rice U who did CrossFit at the time, that I started to treat CrossFit as the sport that it is. I began to feel like an athlete again, something I had long missed since my Kneeboarding days. I have to say thank you to Curt for continuing to challenge and inspire me to be a better CrossFitter and I hope that what I have learned from him translates in to me being a better coach to others. Writing a coaches bio is something I never thought I would do but being involved at this level was always a distant dream in the back of my mind. Within the last year I have continued to get more and more involved with the CrossFit community competiting and judging at several local events, getting my level 1 certification and becoming involved with the CrossFit Media team for the South Central Region – and I have loved every second of it! I hope that my relationship with the CrossFit community continues to grow. I am so excited for the future of Rice U CrossFit and the endless possibilities that it holds for all those involved.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Rice University Power Fitness is the reason why I love “the sport of fitness” again. Strong is the new sexy.
    Thanks, guys.

  2. Hi. My name is Tian. I am going to be a student at Rice University this fall and I am interested in doing crossfit. What are the requirements to join the club?

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